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The ultimate global reward and benefits guide

The ultimate guide to reward & benefits

How can you go about building an industry-leading, award-winning, crowd-pleasing reward & benefits scheme? We have all the answers here.

Filled with research, expert commentary, and interviews with industry peers who are getting their reward & benefits schemes just right, this is everything you need to know about everything R&B...

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How to create a compelling business case for online employee benefits

Creating a business case

It's no secret that employee benefits provide a great ROI, but persuading decision-makers to invest isn't always easy. Here's our handy, quick guide which covers everything you need to create the case for online employee benefits.

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A home for all things reward and benefits.jpg

A home for all-things reward and benefits

Find out why integrating your reward platform together with your HR systems has never been easier, or more important…

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Onehub Reward And Recognition Panel (1)

OneHub | Reward and Recognition

Introducing our fantastic pair of mobile, social recognition apps. Thousands of employees are making the most of these peer-to-peer reward and recognition tools, and their organisations are astounded by the results. Let’s see if we can do the same for you!

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How to get an unfair share of the talent

How to get an unfair share of the talent

There is so much competition for the best talent out there; how can you attract and retain the best people for your organisation?
We wanted to know what makes the modern employee join one employer over another. So, we set out to get a better understanding of what people are looking for in a new job role. What we found was very interesting.

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The power of thank you

Our report, ‘The power of thank you’ outlines exactly how an innovative, digital recognition programme can lead to a motivated, collaborative workforce. Here’s everything you need to know to build your business case and get a head start on your strategy.

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Mobile responsive expectations panel.jpg

Mobile expectations

To answer employee demand, your technology at work needs to be mobile responsive. But why and how should you go about it?

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Introducing Benefex corporate benefits

Corporate Benefits

We're experts at sourcing the best providers of employee benefits. Whether these are provided by you as part of a core offering, or selected individually by employees, we have the experience and network to bring the best of the market to you.

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The Smart Movement panel.jpg

The Smart Movement

Smart mobile devices now account for 73% of all internet consumption. If your workplace tech isn’t matching your employees’ habits and expectations, your company could lose its best people…

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Reward and professionals survey results

Reward and benefits pros survey: the results

We asked 160 reward and benefit professionals about their thoughts on the industry, their career plans, their benefits package and also, what they eat for breakfast...

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Taking the pulse of the HR industry

Taking the pulse of the HR industry: the results

Over 140 leading HR professionals gave us their take on the role of HR, the employee benefits industry, and how outside influences affect their day-to-day work.

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What can 48 cupcakes tell you about communications?

What can 48 cupcakes tell you about communications?

We all love a cupcake. And it’s pretty rare we’d pass one up.  So what if there were cupcakes in the office, ready to eat, but we just didn’t know about them? Intrigued? We’ll explain all.

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Diversity & Inclusion: Refresher's guide

How to make your workplace welcoming to all, so that together, you can go on to do amazing things.

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Partnering for success

Partnering for success

Benefex is focused on delivering a market-leading HR ecosystem. By creating a suite of strategic partners, we can deliver more value with award-winning technology, wraparound consultancy, and worldwide benefits broking.

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Communications manager by OneHub

Communications manager

Have a think for a minute: How much time do you spend on sending out internal communications? An hour a day? Two? Half of your time at work? Do they speak to the individual? Do they make an impact? Do you know if they do? Thought so. It was the same for us, and for a whole host of other HR leaders. So, rather than look elsewhere for a solution, we built one.

Introducing Communications Manager by OneHub.

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Ultimate wellbeing guide

Only 45% of employers have a wellbeing strategy to support their employees.

If you’re part of the 55%, our Ultimate wellbeing guide can help you build a scheme, piece by piece.

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Financial Wellbeing Insight report.jpg

Financial wellbeing insight report

Just 1 in 3 adults are classed as financially literate, and they’re looking to their employer for help. We teamed up with King’s College London to identify areas within the workplace where HR can make significant changes to improve this figure.

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Beyond The Binary Panel

Beyond the Binary

To truly be an equal opportunity employer, you must cultivate an environment of acceptance and inclusivity. After this, everything else will fall into place. But how can you ensure this stays consistent across language, policy and culture?

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