How to bring the best talent into football

Futureproof the business success of your club

Since the early ‘90s, football clubs across the ‘Big Five’ leagues have found themselves in new business territory. Departments such as IT, Development, Media, and HR have become more central to the running of a club, and will continue to be. The race to recruit these skilled workers has become more competitive.

So, your club needs to stand out:

  • You need to appeal to more employees with a wider variety of skills
  • You must offer an employee experience which matches the supporter experience

But where do you begin? Well, you need a varied and eye-catching collection of employee benefits, ranging from PMI to pampering days, from dental insurance to dining cards.

But it’s not just benefits that will get you there. With our help, you can deliver an employee experience so exceptional that the best talent out there will want to work for you in years to come...

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