Childcare Vouchers

Make savings on childcare costs by paying through salary sacrifice

No list of employee benefits is complete without mentioning childcare vouchers

Help working parents

Childcare vouchers are a great way to help your working parents pay for the childcare they need while at work - up to the value of £243 per month. By paying through salary sacrifice, they get to make tax savings on the costs whilst always guaranteeing that cover is there.

Father showing child a wooden plane

Going beyond those first steps

Your organisation can do so much to help working parents - including offering paid maternity and paternity leave. But once parents return to work, you need to make sure that you have a system in place which helps them afford the childcare they need.

The Childcare Voucher scheme is due to close to new entrants from 6th October 2018. Childcare Voucher providers are continuing to put forward their case to keep the scheme open long-term, until we hear further news.

How it works

  • 1. Enrol onto the scheme

    Employees can enrol in the Childcare Voucher scheme through your online benefits portal, usually via salary sacrifice

  • 2. Order vouchers

    Providers will send the Childcare Vouchers to the parents or credit them to an online account (up to £243/month)

  • 3. Providers do the rest

    The childcare provider can then redeem paper or electronic vouchers as payment

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