Holiday purchase

Increased flexibility and well-deserved restbite

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A few extra days off

Give your people the gift of time! A few more days to do what makes them happy not only saves you money, but it improves employee wellbeing, motivation, and productivity too.

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Save money as well as time

Employees will use their salary to purchase holiday, which saves you money on both payroll and National Insurance contributions. Showing increased flexibility is also a great contributor to attracting and retaining the best talent out there.

How it works

  • 1. Select days off

    Your employees can choose how many days they'd like to take (with a maximum set by you) through their OneHub platform

  • 2. Payment

    Payment of the additional holiday will be taken directly from your employees' salary, so they don't need to worry about forgetting to pay

  • 3. Extra time off

    Once your scheme is live, your people can use those extra days to spend time doing what makes them happy

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