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Talking about our own finances can be difficult, so we know it's hard to get our employees to ask for help when they're struggling with money. At Benefex, we've been helping businesses to support employee financial wellbeing for years, and many of those organisations are now discovering the business benefits of having financially healthy employees. We've gathered together all of our best content on the topic of money - from webinars, to blogs, to academic research - into one handy library, so you can see how you can support your employees this #TalkMoney week, and beyond...
- Gethin Nadin | Director, Employee Wellbeing | Best-selling HR author | Psychologist

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Webinar: Financial Wellbeing in times of turmoil

Gethin Nadin, Director, Employee Wellbeing and Matt Macri-Waller, Founder and CEO, discuss the employer’s role in helping employees to mitigate current and future economic uncertainty.

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Research from King's College

Check out our Financial Wellbeing Insight report, in collaboration with King's College London

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Video: Supporting employees during a recession

Gethin spoke at this year's REBA Employee Wellbeing Congress, giving his insight into how employers can help their people through a recession following the pandemic.

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Wellbeing Wednesdays

Listen in to our wellbeing discussions with Gethin Nadin and special guests!

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Blog: Four ways to support employee financial wellbeing during the Coronavirus outbreak

Gethin Nadin – Director, Employee Wellbeing – gives his insights into what employers can do to help mitigate employees’ financial worries.

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The ultimate guide to wellbeing benefits

A guide to the employee benefits that you could be implementing to help support your employees' financial, physical, emotional and community wellbeing!

Blog: How your mindset affects your finances

"Some psychology expects have suggested that economics is in fact a branch of psychology – so, it stands to reason that an individual’s attitude to financial wellbeing is rooted firmly in their mentality."

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Blog: The growing unlikelihood of retirement

Employees the world over are having to navigate so many different financial terrains right now, and retirement savings could be slipping down the agenda. But even in a crisis, employees need to be saving for the future.

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Digital fireside chat with EDF

Vanessa Corsie, Pensions Operations Manager at EDF, shares her insight into how the energy provider has made financial wellbeing a success within the organisation, and how it’s ultimately affected employees for the better.

Blog: Financial wellbeing: Are we doing the right things?

Gethin Nadin talks about getting away from too many products, and focusing on the five main principles of financial wellbeing.

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