About Us

We think work is a continual assortment of loops - each one being a great experience. We provide those experiences.

How are we different?

We are looking to the future. There is a clear shift in people’s expectations from their employer, and we know that we need to put our people and our clients’ people at the forefront of everything we do. The workplace is changing; technology means people can work whenever, wherever and however they want. We are leading that change.

Why are we different?

Employee engagement isn't a process, it's a result of having great experiences at work. It's not an outcome, it's how we feel everyday at work, whether that's in an office, at home, or on the shop floor. Employees look to their employers to design an experience that works for them. We deliver those experiences.

The Benefex family

Like every business, it's all about people

Meet the team

Let's go back to the beginning

We started in 2003 when our Founder and CEO, Matt Macri-Waller, wanted to talk to people about bringing a greater range of benefits into the workplace. After a while, Matt saw that the employee experience is about so much more than having great benefits. He saw the need for great technology in the workplace, too. So, we started designing and building our own tech in 2011, and now we're more than a tech company or a benefits consultancy, we're a fully-fledged employee experience provider.

So, firstly, the tech bit. OneHub, which was formerly called RewardHub, allows you to:

  • Have everything in one, easy-to-use place
  • Create communications which engage your people regularly
  • Gain insight on the data through our advanced MI system
  • Provide your people with the best way to experience work, every day.

We work with 250 global organisations...
In 25 different countries...
Supporting over 1 million employees...
And we've won 50+ awards to prove it!

Need some proof?

Find out what our clients have said about working with Benefex, using OneHub, and their employees' experience...

Let's go

Meet some of our clients

We have made it our mission to create exceptional employee experiences for everyone, every day

The best way to experience work

We look after the world's best companies

We work with a fantastic array of clients across every sector from retail to energy. Take a look at our client case studies to find out more about their employees' experiences.


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