Culture is crucial

Welcome to the Benefex way of (work)life.

Our wider commitments

From looking after our own, to giving back to the wider community, we try to do our bit for people and the planet we call home.

Everything in an organisation stems from its culture.

Kathryn Kendall

Chief People Officer

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We're a Living Wage Employer!

13th April 2016 was a great day for us here at Benefex. This was the day we were accredited by the Living Wage Foundation and became a LWF employer.

We know that the success of our business is intrinsically linked to the people who work here. Without their drive, enthusiasm and passion, we wouldn’t have accomplished even a fraction of our achievements to date. It is only right that they are appropriately rewarded for what they deliver for our business.

Our Chief People Officer on the living wage

Here's what our colleagues had to say...

“It’s really benefited me and my young family.” #LivingWage

“It’s allowed me to send my daughter to nursery regularly.”

“I’ve been able to afford driving lessons and pass my test!”

“I can afford extra holiday to spend more time with family."

Charity work

At Benefex, we love to host fundraising events that help our local community. Our chosen charity is the Society of St. James, which provides much-needed accommodation and support for homeless people across Hampshire. In recent years, all forms of homelessness have risen, due to the shortage of housing, ongoing effects of the economic recession, and reform in government policies such as cuts to the housing benefit. Their support is needed now more than ever.

SSJ do fantastic work helping homeless people around Hampshire.

Through our Giving Back at Benefex Team, we also host a new featured charity every three months and arrange a variety of activities and fundraising to support them. 

In our first ever charity quarter, we held a delicious bake sale, organised a sports day, and even had four brave Benefexers go skydiving! In total, we raised over £2,000 for the amazing local children's charity KIDS.

Some fearless flyers...

One tradition at Benefex is the annual 'Great Benefex Bake Off' in support of Macmillan's World's Biggest Coffee Mornings! Everyone is welcome to take part and eat cake in support of a fantastic charity, and we even award prizes to the star bakers...

We're also lucky to be partnered with Hearing Dogs for Deaf People who bring their amazing dogs into the Benefex office to say hello and raise money!

A few of the award-winning bakes!

Benefex and the environment

We believe that if every individual makes one sustainable change, and every business switches to one green initiative, then perhaps we can begin to recover our planet.

At Benefex, we're doing all we can to help reduce our carbon footprint and make Benefex even greener!

  • Using sensor lighting which only turns on when needed
  • Encouraging use of public transport or walking through our central city location
  • Providing everyone with eco-friendly stationery like our 'Bright Ideas' recycled notebooks
  • Moving towards 100% sustainable merchandise and marketing collateral 
  • Promoting green employee benefits like car-sharing, charitable giving and volunteering
Read our report on sustainability in business

We also offer incentives to employees who use our Cycle-to-Work initiative!