Gethin Nadin

Gethin Nadin

Director of Employee Wellbeing

When designing a wellbeing strategy, HR teams should bear in mind that BAME and LGBT+ employees may have different needs, so a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach may not work.

I recently wrote on this topic for HR Zone; discussing how employers can create more inclusive wellbeing schemes that account for, and embrace, diversity. As we head into 2020, workplace wellness remains high on the boardroom’s agenda, but we must remember it is also a diversity and inclusion issue:

Mental health

  • Mental health issues are around a third higher in LGBTQ+ employees
  • More than half of LGBTQ+ people have experienced depression
  • There has been a 73% increase in suicide attempts among black US teens in 2019
  • Almost half of black and Latinx employees have left a job for mental health reasons

Financial wellbeing

  • Financial wellbeing for LGBTQ+ people is even more complicated than for their straight counterparts. From different policies affecting same-sex couples’ joint healthcare, to confusing rights when applying for financial aid, purchasing property or starting a family.
  • BAME group are also at risk of lower financial wellbeing, due to longstanding cultural and socio-economic discrimination preventing financial education; and existing discrimination when accessing financial services.

Whatever your wellbeing strategy, remember it is more than just a wellbeing strategy – it has a cultural and social impact on your employees. And to have the most positive effect, it must be inclusive.

Read the full article on HR Zone

Take a look at the full blog over on HR Zone, and hear more about adapting your wellbeing strategy for diversity.

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Gethin Nadin

Gethin Nadin

Director of Employee Wellbeing

Gethin is a psychology graduate who has been helping some of the world’s largest organisations to improve their employee experience and wellbeing for almost two decades. The last 9 years have been spent working as part of the senior leadership team here at Benefex. As a frequent writer and keynote speaker on employee experience and employee wellbeing, Gethin has been featured in The Guardian, The Huffington Post and The Financial Times as well as major HR, Reward and Pensions publications. Gethin is also a founding member of the Engage for Success Wellbeing Thought Action Group, is listed on the Employee Engagement Powerlist and is one of the world’s Top 1010 Employee Engagement Influencers.

In 2018, Gethin published his first book – the award winning HR bestseller ‘A World of Good: Lessons From Around the World in Improving the Employee Experience’, which has gone on to inspire HR and Reward teams at some of the world’s best-known brands.