Times are tough, but please be reassured that, as always, we’re here to help

In light of the evolving global situation regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re making sure that we’re helping you out in every way possible as we all adapt to the rapidly changing world of work.

We're remote, but still with you

Every team in Benefex has the ability to operate 100% remotely, and so we have asked all employees to work from home to mitigate the risk of the virus spreading. We are still delivering to the same standards on our products and supporting services, and we believe that all customers and partners are receiving the same excellent level of care that they have come to expect of Benefex.

While our global offices are closed, we are conducting all of our customer meetings remotely using video conference wherever possible.

Using a laptop purchased with the technology benefit

Supporting employees

We understand that this is a time of concern for both our customers and their employees, and we are committed to finding ways to make their experience easier through this period of uncertainty. OneHub is available 24/7 to support you to raise any questions you have, and our employee support centre is on hand to make sure all employee queries are answered as normal.

We’ll keep you posted on here

We’re continuing to monitor the situation daily, and we encourage everyone in the Benefex community to follow all global government advice. We will provide further updates should the situation change and we need to adapt our policies, execute any additional steps within our Business Continuity Plan, or introduce any new precautionary measures.

If you have any questions for us, please get in touch with your Benefex contact if you are a customer, or email us on info@hellobenefex.com.

Wellbeing Wednesdays - four weeks of webinars

Take a look at our full programme of online discussions throughout May, with guests from Countryside, Ordergroove, A New Normal, and EDF!

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Useful information

Enjoy OneHub | Recognition, free!

We want to help as much as possible, so we’re offering our community the chance to have access to OneHub | Recognition – Benefex’s social recognition platform absolutely free! Enjoy 5-months' free access (or 11 months for NHS organisations and businesses who have moved to front line production) to our fun, easy-to-use social recognition tool. There’s no obligation, no hoops to jump through, and no hidden costs. OneHub | Recognition can help employers to keep their people connected, engaged, and together, even when they’re working apart. 

To find out more about redeeming the offer, get in touch with our team and see OneHub | Recognition for yourself.

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OneHub | Communications: three months' free access

All Benefex customers can access OneHub | Communications, absolutely free for three months to help stay connected with employees who are working remotely. Just speak to your Customer Success Director for more information.

Maintaining mental health while working from home

Since the UK – and now, much of the world – moved into a state of ‘lockdown’ following the Covid-19 outbreak, mental and emotional wellbeing (which includes mental health) has come even more to the forefront for workplaces. It seems, just as organisations began tackling mental health, a new pandemic arrived to shift the ground beneath our feet yet again.

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Coronavirus has shown employers that online is more important than ever

Even before Covid-19 hit, the world was more online than ever – now, offline isn't an option. In the context of lockdown and social distancing, we are using the internet even more. And businesses are no different - if your organisation isn’t online, it could easily get left behind.

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Employee benefit trends during and after Covid-19

Looking at the impact Covid-19 has had on consumer trends, it’s easy to forget the less-visible impact it has had on other areas of HR and the workplace. One place we have seen consistent – and at times surprising – changes in is employee benefits. Let’s look at a few of the biggest changes we are seeing as a result of Covid-19, and how they may look in a few months’ time.

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Covid-19: What consumer trends tell us

Coronavirus has undoubtedly had more of an effect on our daily lives than any of us could ever have anticipated. In a very short space of time, we have had to adjust to new ways of working, socialising and living while keyworkers across the world look to find a vaccine and flatten the spread. Knowing that the virus will be with us for some time to come, how is employee behaviour changing, and what can employers do to ensure their benefits packages remain valuable to their people?

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Working from home: tips to help your people get settled

While the norm for some, working from home can mean a major shift in routine, motivation, and habits for many people whose work and home lives are coming together for the first time. If you or your people need help getting settled, we've pulled together some handy advice.

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Four ways to support employee financial wellbeing during the coronavirus outbreak

Gethin Nadin – Director, Employee Wellbeing – gives his insights into what employers can do to help mitigate employees’ financial worries.

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Employee engagement during Covid-19

How can employers help their people to keep engaged and motivated when there's so much potential to feel stressed and anxious?

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Covid-19 and annual leave

Although social distancing measures expected to continue for at least the next few months, we wanted to stress the importance of making sure your people are still using their annual leave. Even though most people are unable to leave their homes, spending time away from work is still really important.

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Staying motivated through recognition

We’re all missing being closer to each other but that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to connect and do something nice for our employees. Praising and thanking others is a great way to not only boost their motivation, but our own too. 

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Protecting the mental health of you and your people

Maintaining good mental health might be more challenging at the moment, so we wanted to share some guidance on staying mentally healthy.

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Building a business case for wellbeing

Now, more than ever, employers need to support employee wellbeing in all its forms. Take a look at our report to help you make your case for wellbeing.

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Social wellbeing: Where workplace loneliness and diversity meet

Many employees will, right now, be working from home for the very first time. Even for those used to home working, the current level of personal isolation will probably exceed what they’re used to. There are some groups who are at high risk of feeling extreme loneliness, and now is the time for employers to ensure they’re checking in on their remote workers.

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