In this report, we look to our own data from the millions of benefits selections made this year on the OneHub platform – as well as findings from our Great Expectations research - to provide insights into the most popular benefits in 2022. Over the last year, employees have looked to their employee benefits to ease the cost-of living crisis, provide emotional wellbeing support, and address their individual situation and life stage. So how’s it gone? Let’s find out... 

For employers looking to deliver greater support to their employees, there’s a lot to consider. Employee benefits trends explores:

  • The most popular employee benefits in 2022.
  • Why the race to please Gen Z comes at a cost.
  • The increasing number of organisations offering wellbeing allowances.
  • How employees are seeking out support beyond traditional benefits, in the form of content.
  • What’s new in the Benefex marketplace – from tree planting to menopause support, and beyond.


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