Keeping comms a constant through hybrid working

Communicating with a diverse and widespread employee-base is difficult at the best of times. Add in a global pandemic, and many organisations have found themselves floundering.

To mark the end of our ‘Comms Month’, Gethin Nadin is joined by Kathryn Kendall, Chief People Officer at Benefex, to look at how employers have communicated with their people through the challenges of the last year. Along with Kathryn’s wealth of experience, she brings anecdotes of how Benefex have tackled the pandemic head-on, including:

- Maintaining an award-winning culture through constant uncertainty

- Dealing with heightened emotions and expectations from employees

- Planning for a hybrid remote-office workforce

Friday 30th April | 11:00 BST

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Small actions for better financial wellbeing

One year on from the release of our Financial wellbeing insight report, Dr. Andrew McFaull of King’s College London joins us to look back on what’s changed since then. Along with our host, Gethin Nadin, Andrew looks into the data to see how small actions can make big changes in financial wellbeing this year.

- What the research says about employee financial health today
- How Covid-19 has created two contrasting groups in financial wellbeing
- How to guide employees to better financial decision-making habits

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The Digital Watercooler: Strategic success with meaningful metrics in wellbeing

Have we got a treat for you at this month’s Digital Watercooler! Gethin Nadin is joined by Yulia O’Mahoney, Wellbeing strategy and transformation consultant and Harvard alumni.

Yulia’s background is in psychology and the neuroscience of mental health. Having run employee wellbeing at John Lewis for 7 years, Yulia now works with a myriad of employers to completely revamp their wellbeing approach.

This session will dismantle traditional wellbeing ‘success metrics’ and demonstrate the real, personal impact of long-term strategies. With science as its basis, this discussion promises to focus on your employees’ needs, and how you can form an effective strategy that delivers against these.

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People sat at a table in a meeting

The Digital Watercooler: Are you designing experiences for the employee or the employer?

Culture, transformation and wellbeing experts, Gethin Nadin and Perry Timms, compare notes on (and argue a bit about) designing for outcomes. Are you designing employee experiences that deliver positive results for your people? Is your people strategy enabling your employees to flourish? Is your wellbeing plan valuable to your people, or just performative? We look at the realities of strategy, culture and workforce leadership, and untangle the employer goals from the employee needs so you can deliver a strategy that works for everyone.

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Reviewing your benefits through a socially responsible lens

Decent financial reward is no longer enough to attract the best people to work for you. Employer brands, like consumer brands, need to show that they exist for a purpose beyond making profit. The message from employees is clear: “We want to work for responsible employers.” In this session, our experts outline the steps that you can take to make your pension and benefit offerings stand out as a force for social good.

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Emotional wellbeing: Practical actions for the latest lockdown

Our experts demonstrate the practical actions you can take (right now!) to support your people in Lockdown 3. Paul McGregor, Founder of Everymind at Work, shares his insights into how employers can proactively support their people, and how employees can look inwards to make sure they’re taking care of their mental wellbeing this winter, from daily care tips to wider-scale resilience courses. So far, 2021 is proving to be just as tough as 2020; let’s prove to our people that their wellbeing is still our highest priority.

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Could HR and Reward make better use of behavioural data?

In this interactive session, Gethin Nadin returns for a new year of Wellbeing Wednesdays, with Francisco Reyes Pereira, Founder of Behave4. They’ discuss some of the ways organisations are using behavioural science to better understand their employees; and some of the potential challenges that the new age of data brings with it.

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Wellbeing Wednesdays: A Christmas wrap-up

In this festive round-up of 2020, our panel look back at our employee wellbeing journeys, celebrate the astonishing work that HR leaders have done over the last 10 months, and look ahead to what 2021 will bring for the world of work.

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Browne Jacobson: Preparing for Christmas

A digital fireside chat with Nudge

With the year-long headache that has been 2020, it’s no wonder that people will want to go all-out to make the holidays special at home. So, how can we help our employees stay financially and emotionally healthy in this potentially tough period? How important has recognition been for employees, and will rewards play a part in their financial wellbeing? And how can we help them to be proactive about their money for 2021?

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Preventative measures to support long-term mental wellbeing

We’re joined by Hayley Dare, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Director at Wellbeing Mental Health. Alongside our host, Gethin Nadin, Hayley shows how the science behind mental health can help HR leaders prove the return on investment of their wellbeing strategies in the long-term.

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The future of workplace health

Champion Health's Harry Bliss discusses the future of workplace health, and how businesses can begin to plan a medium-term strategy for the health and wellbeing of their people, even when the long-term remains uncertain. We cover the key areas of an early-intervention mental health scheme, why you can’t trust your absence statistics in 2020, and how to create a proactive health and wellbeing strategy.

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Taking progressive wellbeing initiatives even further

A lot of our webinars have tackled employee wellbeing in the time of Covid; but what about those organisations who were already taking significant wellbeing steps before 2020? Gethin Nadin is joined by ACCA's Anne-Marie Russell, who already had two wellbeing awards under her belt at the start of the year. Here, she discusses the challenges of bringing all that hard work into a new format, and what her plans are for ACCA in the months to come.

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The Digital Watercooler: Financial wellbeing in times of turmoil

As we continue to fight the unforeseen consequences of Coronavirus, the future of our economy is looking unstable at best. Matt Macri-Waller, Founder and CEO at Benefex, joins Gethin to discuss the employer’s role in helping employees to mitigate current and future economic uncertainty.

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Employee wellbeing: The shift from legal to moral obligations

While Covid has certainly changed many employers’ outlook on the importance of supporting employee wellbeing, there is still a lot of grey area in terms of where their responsibilities lie. Our Benefexperts share their collective insights into employee wellbeing from an HR, legal and personal point of view.

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Travel benefits in the wake of Covid

We’re joined by The Independent’s travel editor, Simon Calder, who answers employers’ and employees’ burning questions about one of the most impacted areas of pandemic life: Travel.

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Where should you focus your employee benefits investment?

Lockton Employee Benefits discuss the specific benefits that have supported employees at this difficult time, and offer their guidance on which benefits employers should be investing in for whatever 2021 has in store.

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The Digital Watercooler: A CPO and CEO’s view on 2020

Benefex’s CPO, Kathryn Kendall, and Founder & CEO, Matt Macri-Waller, talk us through their own experiences of managing a business through the rollercoaster that has been Covid-19. From the early days of home working, through to what the future could hold, this is a great opportunity to hear from the people who have been looking after everyone else!

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2020: Year of the health benefits acceleration

A digital fireside chat with Chris Rofe from Lockton

Join our host, Gethin Nadin, and special guest, Chris Rofe as they discuss how Covid-19 has accelerated workplace wellbeing initiatives and increased employee demand for healthcare benefits.

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Employee wellbeing in a post-Covid world

A digital fireside chat with Christine Warner at Worldline

Whether employers were already supporting wellbeing or not, the pandemic has forced it to the top of the HR agenda. Join us as we take a look at what the future looks like for the whole structure of employee wellbeing.

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The Digital Watercooler: Creating the right conditions for wellbeing to thrive at work

Tim Anstiss, Founder of The Academy for Health Coaching at the digital watercooler, discusses how employers can focus on longer-term wellbeing plans, like management training, improving health literacy, and developing better relationships between managers and employees.

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How emotions are essential for wellbeing and performance

We welcome Rob Robson – psychologist, business consultant at 8ConnectPeople, and former HR Director – to share his insights into emotional wellbeing, management’s role in maintaining employee wellness, and the impact of being a caring employer of a workforce who are facing high levels of stress and anxiety.

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Reward and Racial diversity: HR’s time to act is now

Andrea Pattico, Chief People Officer at MVF – top of The Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For in 2020 - brings her personal and professional insight to this critical discussion, as she and Gethin take a look at the disparity in healthcare access, the ethnicity gap in financial support, and how HR and Reward teams can proactively ensure they’re better supporting their BAME employees to embed true inclusivity in their reward schemes.

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The Digital Watercooler: Working alongside AI and chatbots

Join Keith Williams, owner of KMW3 as he busts some common myths and confronting common fears about AI, chatbots, and their influence on the workplace. From teaching AI our biases, to dissecting the language needed in different regions and for different people, Gethin and Keith provide some incredible insights into a part of work that’s no longer the future – it’s already here.

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Wellbeing through diversity: Supporting your LGBT+ community

Our guests from The Diversity Trust and A New Normal tackle the challenges that employers don’t know how to approach, are too afraid to get wrong, or just need support in improving. We discuss how you can ensure your trans employees feel included in your workplace community, how to use inclusive language in your policies and processes, and how to make sure your workplace’s physical environment supports everybody’s needs.

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Getting started on your workplace wellbeing strategy

Paul Johnstone from Orange Business Services tells our own Gethin Nadin about the small, important steps he and his team took to get started on their wellbeing journey. We hope you find his insight useful in getting your own workplace wellbeing strategy off the ground!

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Emotional wellbeing: the long-term impact of the pandemic

Gethin Nadin is joined by Sian Myers of Countryside and mental wellbeing expert, David Beeney, as they unravel the potential unintended consequences of working from home or being furloughed, and give their practical tips on how employers can help employees re-enter the world of work.

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The Digital Watercooler with Perry Timms, Chief Energy Officer, PTHR

Join Perry Timms, Chief Energy Officer, PTHR, and Gethin Nadin as they discuss how Covid-19 has changed the workplace – and what new ways of working we’d like to stick around, as we approach a ‘new normal’.

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Financial wellbeing: A digital fireside chat with EDF

We're joined by Vanessa Corsie, Pensions Operations Manager at EDF, who shares her insight into how the energy provider has made financial wellbeing a success within the organisation, and how it’s ultimately affected employees for the better.

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Lifestyle wellbeing: Maintaining physical and lifestyle health

Karen Weeks, VP of People at Ordergroove in New York joins Benefex’s Gethin Nadin for a discussion about consumer lifestyle trends during the pandemic, what's been happening in the US and how employers should be encouraging employees to keep their lifestyle habits as ‘normal’ as possible to support physical wellbeing.

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Community wellbeing: Helping your people to work together

The social relationships, diversity, and equality we experience at work have a huge impact on our community wellbeing. Gethin Nadin, Director, Employee Wellbeing, is joined by Trish Driver, CEO of A New Normal, to outline what community wellbeing is, why it’s important, and what you need to do to ensure your employees are socially healthy during a time of remote working.

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Maintaining a happy and healthy remote workforce with employee benefits

There are a lot of benefits out there which can really help your people get through times of crisis such as these. Join our experts, Stephen Hackett, Alexandra Houlden and Gethin Nadin, as they clarify and explain the intricacies of employee benefits during this uncertain time and how best to communicate them to remote employees.

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Communicating through times of crisis

After several years of fantastic, positive work to uplift and transform the culture at the property developer, Sian Myers, Culture Transformation Director at Countryside, has had to change her approach to communications throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.

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